Craggy Peak Research
Driving empathovation.

We use empathovation to help organizations better understand their customers and better meet their needs

When you truly know and care about your customers, not just as customers but as people, great ideas come naturally. If you go beyond surveys and metrics and learn how to look at the world through the eyes of your customers, you see things that other people miss. Those insights lead to improved products and services that better meet customer needs. And improved products and services make your business more successful. That's empathovation.

How we work

What's the best way to serve customer needs? Involve customers in the process from beginning to end! Our approach is based on design thinking and involves a cycle from research to design to implementing solutions and back to research.

Who we work with

We specialize in working with small and medium-sized businesses that have a clear, customer-focused mission and that are seeking ways for their business to grow and evolve. Our services are designed to scale based on your needs and your budget, whether you have 10 employees or 500. Here are some of the companies we've worked with:

What makes us different

Research is easy to do poorly and hard to do well. With Craggy Peak, your project is overseen by a PhD cognitive scientist with more than 20 years of experience both doing research and teaching about research. This means that not only do you get high-quality data, you get expert advice on what the data do - and do not - mean. All of this helps you make better-informed, smarter business decisions.